A Decentralized Autonomous Organization.  DAO 1.0 COMING SOON! 

Through the Web 3.0 transformation, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) will be used to revolutionize blockchain networks with minimal resources and enhanced fraud protection.

The DOI Foundation and The DOI Coin (DOIC) both operate as DAO’s.

The primary function of The DOI DAO 1.0 is to enable token holders to vote on initiatives. The voting process will ensure all DOIC token holders have a say!

The primary function of The DOI DAO 2.0 is to disperse token supply autonomously and securely, while enabling token holders to work on initiatives and be rewarded. Targeting 2023.

everyone owns the doi

The DOI is not owned by a few individuals. Every token holder has a say in the projects we ‘Find, Find, & Fix’ to solve humanities most challenging problems. A total of 9.9% of the total token supply will be released to the founder team over 20 years.


Funding the doi treasury

For every token sold, 70% is held in The DOI Treasury or invested in projects chosen by token holders. A portion of The DOI Foundation

Funding operations

30% of The DOI Treasury will fund The DOI Coin Operations Account. Up to 20% of Treasury Funds may be used to fund projects with no approval requirement by The DOI Guardians, so long as no more than 25% of those funds are applied to a single project.


supporting resilience

Diversifying across different blockchains provides enhanced resiliency. The DOI Coin strives to become a multi-chain venture. We are on the Binance network, and will be moving to other chains in the future.


Releasing Funds to be sold

DOIC will be released monthly to The DOI Treasury Wallet over a 20 year period. This slow release prevents crypto whales from buying too much at once, and the automation means less hands in the process.


A smart burn strategy

Upon mass critical failure of one of the included blockchains, tokens may be burned if agreed upon through a vote. In such an event, tokens may be minted on another chain to replenish circulating supply.


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